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Financial Planning Is What We Do

Care and Compassion Is Who We Are

What Can We Do For You?

We Can Help Because We’ve Been There

With over 39 years of experience in providing financial planning services to the greater San Diego area, we’ve been with our clients from the start of their careers through the passing of their legacies. Families, couples and individuals stay with us throughout every stage of life because we’ve worked hard to build a foundation of trust, education and communication.

Are You Frustrated By Your Finances?

With personal success can come financial complexity. And while preparing for retirement is an exciting time, it can be filled with uncertainty, confusion and misinformation. Kathleen Covey puts her background in education to good use offering thoughtful, easy to understand options to address your most pressing financial needs.

Are You Nearing Retirement?

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From Our Family to Yours

A Note From Kathleen

Clients often wonder where the other “Covey” in our firm's name came from. My mother and I began working together, as financial planners in 1980. We became a Registered Investment Advisor in 1984 - Covey & Covey Financial Advisory Firm. We worked as a dynamic mother-and-daughter duo, serving as one of the few in our industry at the time. After my mother passed away, I continued her legacy of bringing sound financial planning and care to every client. Today, I’ve kept the name Covey & Covey in her honor and as a reminder to clients and myself that our practice was built on compassion, experience and trust.

I truly believe that financial planning is much more than making investments and wondering if the stock market is up or down. Financial planning is preparing for the joys of life as well as those unexpected events it can sometimes bring.

Throughout my 39 years in the industry, I’ve personally experienced some of the same life-altering events as my clients. And it’s because I’ve witnessed the positive impact planning can have on people’s lives that I so passionately believe in the power and effectiveness of financial planning. 

Kathleen Covey, CFP®

Kathleen Covey, CFP® Photo

Kathleen Covey, CFP®


Together, my mother and I first founded Covey & Covey in 1980. Since then, I've spent nearly four decades offering financial planning solutions to community members and local news organizations in the greater San Diego area.

As my career progressed, I earned my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation as well as FINRA Series 1, 7, 24, 63 and 66 licenses. In addition, I’m licensed to offer life, disability and long-term care insurance.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I am held to a strict code of ethics. I act as a fiduciary for my clients, meaning all advice, strategies and solutions I present are created only in your best interest.

Over the years, I’ve developed a passion for sharing my experience and insight with others through financial planning seminars. I’ve previously presented talks at organizations including National University, San Diego Community College District, San Diego State Extension and the University of California at La Jolla. Additionally, I’ve offered classes and seminars for employees and organizations including the San Diego Zoological Society, National University, Cubic Corporation and the GKN Chem-tronics Corporation.

My love of educating others about their finances started with a degree in education from Oregon State University, where I graduated cum laude.

When I’m not helping others develop their financial plan, I enjoy spending time at home with my husband, Gary. Together we take good care of our labradoodle Tucker and Reggie, our grumpy 18-year-old rescue cat. We’re also very, very proud grandparents to our three grandchildren, who live in Atlanta.

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Preparing You, Your Family and Your Finances For Retirement

Retirement, There Is More To Consider Beyond Just the Numbers

A focus on your finances is important as you prepare for retirement. But you should be considering the emotional challenges it can bring as well. For so many, a career is a large part of who you are. Take away work, and it can feel like your identity is missing.

Dedicated To Helping You Thrive Throughout Retirement

Yes, we want to help you pursue income throughout retirement, but more importantly, we want you to enjoy the time ahead. At Covey & Covey, we help our clients answer the “What happens now” questions about retirement. We want you to thrive throughout retirement, not just survive.

Our Ideal Client

Baby Boomers

Pre-Retiree or Retired

Has 401(k) Rollovers

$500K Minimum Assets

Does This Sound Like You?

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We Help Our Clients Through Life's Most Unexpected Events.

Building a Path Together Toward Your Financial Freedom

We develop financial plans that are designed to be proactive, preventative and mindful of your retirement income. In taking this approach, we’ve helped our clients prepare for the unexpected while we seek to safeguard their financial future.



We began working with a couple while they were in their late 30’s. Months before the husband was preparing for an early retirement, he developed a challenging disability. Without proper preparation, this could have derailed their retirement plans. But, together we planned for an unexpected life event. Today, they are both retired and travel often.



When a client was diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease, they found themselves in need of ongoing care. Because we already had a plan in place, this did not derail their financial plan.


Passing of a Loved One

A client was referred to us when her husband passed away unexpectedly. Together, we prepared a plan that would provide her with income to replace what was lost as a result of his untimely death.



Many of our clients are faced with the issue of caring for aging parents as they head into retirement themselves. We’ve helped them prioritize their finances and balance the complex needs of finding their own financial independence while acting as caregivers to loved ones.

With Experience Comes

Wisdom, Empathy and Understanding

We Take a Holistic Approach To Planning Your Retirement

The biggest question any retiree or pre-retiree faces is “Will I have enough?” By taking into account every aspect of your financial picture, together we can develop a comprehensive strategy designed to help you relax and enjoy your retirement. 

What Are You Biggest Concerns About Retirement?

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Covey & Covey’s Fees and Pricing

We offer a transparent fee model for our comprehensive financial plans and annual financial plan reviews. For separate consultations or other projects, we can offer our services at an hourly rate.

Financial Planning Service


Retirement Analysis
$750 - $3,500
Annual Financial Plan Review$300 - $1,250
Separate Financial Planning Consultations$225 hourly fee

Why Transparent Pricing?

Working in your best interest doesn’t just apply to the plans and strategies we present. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously, which means we apply it to all aspects of our business. That’s why we offer transparent pricing for our comprehensive financial plans and reviews. We want you to be just as comfortable with what we charge as you are with what we offer.

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Financial Caregiving

It’s In Our Nature

Our Planning Process Includes:


STEP one

Data Gathering

We want to get to know you and your family before we start talking strategy. Tell us about yourself, your career & what you are looking forward to most in retirement.



Establishing Goals

We’ll discuss your biggest concerns, retirement goals and how we can help. What are you hoping to accomplish by working with us? Let us know.


STEP Three

Information Gathering

Before we can develop a plan, we need to get a better understanding of your current financial picture. We’ll help you organize your important financial documents and paperwork.



Retirement Plan Development

We’ll develop an in-depth retirement plan as we evaluate your whole financial picture. Kathleen will offer recommendations and strategies tailored to you.


STEP five

Ongoing Review

Because life doesn’t always go according to plan, we’re here to help monitor your plan’s effectiveness and adjust our strategies as needed.

For Current Clients

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Are You Still Searching For The Right Advisor?

We’re happy to offer a complimentary 30-minute introductory meeting to anyone interested in learning more about our firm. Whether you’re already retired or still preparing, we want to get to know you while answering any questions you may have.

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We’re Excited To Welcome You To Our Firm

Getting to experience the difference we’ve made in the lives of our clients is a beautiful reward. If you’ve spent years acting as a caregiver for aging parents or loved ones, now’s the time to put the focus back on you. Working with Kathleen means putting you and your finances in trusting hands. Wherever you are on the road to retirement, give us a call today or fill out the form below.

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